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Bernadine’s  Creations Handmade Semi  Precious Jewellery & Watches

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A unique watch and bracelet set made of using Carnelian semi precious gem stones and silver plated jumprings.  

Carnelian is the zodiac stone for Leo and Virgo and is also associated with July & August births.


SPWS026 Goldstone Watch & Bracelet Set

A unique watch and bracelet set made using Goldstone semi precious gem stones.  



A unique watch made made using Rose Quartz semi precious stones.

Rose Quartz is associated with Taurus as one of the Western astrological stones and the power stone for the sign.



A unique watch made using Hematite semi precious stones.

Haematite / Hematite is associated with Scorpio as one of the astrological stones and is also a suitable alternative stone for the zodiac signs of Aries, Capricorn and Aquarius.


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